Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Techno-Economic Evaluation of A Grid Connected Microgrid-Cogeneration System Using Wind Turbines, Microturbine and Battery System T. Adefarati, R. C. Bansal, R. Naidoo, N.T. Mbungu



The application of the WT, BSS and MT in the utility grid requires a new algorithm for proper management of a MG system. The proposed MG system is designed with a model to supply the thermal and electrical energy through a grid-connected power system and to evaluate the techno-economic impacts of RETs in a power system. In this study, a new methodology for optimal operation of a CHP is considered based on the stochastic characteristics of wind resources, thermal and power demands. The model is developed owing to hourly energy supply that can satisfy the electrical and thermal requirements with minimum ATC. The WT is utilized in conjunction with HOMER application software to evaluate the economic benefits of RETs. The results obtained from the investigation show that the utilization of a grid-connected MG CHP minimizes the ATC of the power system.

Keywords battery storage system, economic, environment, wind turbine, wind speed

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