Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Techno-Economic Evaluation of Power-to-Ammonia System Hanfei Zhang, Umberto Desideri



At present, the source of hydrogen for commercial ammonia synthesis process are mainly obtained through methane reforming and coal gasification. To reduce fossil fuels consumption and CO2 emission, hydrogen production is a critical process in ammonia synthesis. Power-to-ammonia with solid-oxide electrolysis process can not only store renewable power (wind or solar), but also solve the problem of green hydrogen source. This research focuses on the techno-economic evaluation of the power-to-ammonia with solid-oxide electrolysis process. The results show that, the annual yield of ammonia is 50 kt with a purity of 99.8 mol%, with the storage capacity for renewable power being 360 GWh/year. SOEC case can achieve higher energy efficiency, the energetic efficiencies and production cost of the power-to-ammonia were 65% and 558 $/ton, respectively.
Keywords: Power

Keywords Power-to-ammonia, Hydrogen storage, Solid-oxide electrolyzer, heat integration, multi-objective optimization

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