Volume 11: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part III

The Airports Photovoltaic Potential in China Mingkun Jiang, Lingfei Qi, Jianing Chen, Ziyi Yu, Dadi Wu, Nanzhi Wang, Xinhai Yu*, Jinyue Yan*, Wendong Wei



Airports have terminal buildings that are ideal places to deploy PV panels, which is able to power airport in an eco-friendly way with low carbon footprint. Ecaluate the PV potential at airports and its economic performance can help to understand the benefits airport PV will bring is important for decision-making. Thus, combining GIS data, image recognition, the PV integration potential at airports in China has been investigated. According to our research, airport PV potential is up to 2.67 GW in China. Detailed economic analysis manifests that all airport PV can be profitable.

Keywords Photovoltaic, Airport, China, techno-economic analysis

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