Volume 31: Clean Energy Technologies towards Carbon Neutrality

The Application Potential Analysis of Refuse Derived Fuel as an Alternative to Coal -A Case Study of Ningbo, China Shiyue Hu



Exploring sustainable energy supply and effective solid waste disposal methods is becoming a challenge around the world. Refuse derived fuel (RDF) has been proposed as a potential alternative to coal, natural gas, oil, and coke due to its advantages of higher calorific value than original wastes, uniform composition in both physical and chemical aspects, transportation and storage, simplicity, low emission rate, and less extra air demand during combustion. However, the applicability of RDF in a given region needs to be evaluated by the combination of market analysis and political conditions. Based on the background research of Ningbo, an important industrial city in China, this paper analyzes and evaluates the energy structure, market potential of RDF and its sources in Ningbo, showing that the area has a demand for more than 7 million tons of RDF per year and is suitable for promoting and applying RDF as the alternative to coal.

Keywords Refuse Derived Fuel, Carbon Reduction, Coal Alternative, Resources Potential, Applicability Analysis

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