Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

The Design of AC/DC Hybrid Experimental System Considering New Energy Access Zhensheng WU, Huiyuan ZHANG*



The global energy Internet is one of the effective ways to solve the global energy crisis and environmental problems. The AC/DC hybrid power distribution network can accommodate a variety of new energy sources, providing conditions for the wide access of distributed power sources and new loads. The important development direction of the power grid form, and the wide-area interconnection of power systems with different voltage levels and different regional networks can be realized, which is the basis for building a global energy Internet. Based on the grid-connected characteristics of new energy sources, this paper proposes a design of AC/DC hybrid experimental system considering new energy access, studies the key equipment requirements of AC/DC hybrid test system, and designs the topology of each key device and its control strategy. Relying on the constructed AC/DC hybrid experimental system, this paper was verified.

Keywords AC and DC, new energy, flexible ring network device, distributed power supply, islanding

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