Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

The Driver-in-the-Loop Simulation on Regenerative Braking Control of Four-Wheel Drive Hevs He-xu Yang, Yu Gao, Peng-xiang Li, Li-juan Zhao



Nowadays, the environmental problem is becoming more and more serious, attracting the attention of most people. Automobiles emission pollution has a great influence on environment, so the development of vehicles requires more efficient and cleaner. Regenerative braking is an effective method for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) to improve fuel efficient. In this paper, firstly, the dynamics of the target vehicle was verified according to the selected parameters, including acceleration and climbing conditions. Then, a control strategy based on the parallel hybrid electric vehicle was proposed. Finally, in order to verify the control strategy’s effectiveness and real-time performance, a driver-in-the-loop real-time simulation platform for HEVs was built up based on the Development to Production (D2P) product-level controller, which can reduce development costs and is easy to implement. The results show that the proposed regenerative brake control strategy has good real-time performance.

Keywords Hybrid electric vehicle; control strategy; D2P;driver in the loop simulation

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