Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

The Effect of IRON Oxide on Interaction Between Residual Char and Ash at High Temperature and Its Influence on Ash Fusibility Xiaoming Li , Ji Wang , Jin Bai , Lingxue Kong, Zongqing Bai, Wen Li



Residual char is often found in slag. The coal ash fusion behavior is essentially affected by the interaction between ash and residual char. In this work, the effect of Fe2O3 on ash fusibility were investigated. It was found that when the ashes have same content of residual char, ash fusibility increases as the Fe2O3 increases. The exist of Fe2O3 leadsthe formation of Fe and Fe3Si. The reaction between the Fe2O3 and residual char is not benefit to the formation of SiC at high temperature.

Keywords Gasification, Coal Ash, Fusibility, Iron Oxide.

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