Volume 47

The Energy Transition in the Age of Open Science: Call for Regional Modelling Solutions Farzaneh Amir Kavei, Matteo Nicoli, Francesco Quatraro, Laura Savoldi



This work introduces a regional energy model, emphasizing the importance of localized approaches to sustainability. It highlights the significance of energy system models in guiding the energy transitions policies, underscoring the influence of open science on advancing modelling techniques. The open-source energy models can play an important role in developing regional frameworks, which offer more precise insights into the characteristics and challenges of specific areas. The paper introduces TEMOA-Piedmont, the first energy system model of the Piedmont region in Italy, developed within the TEMOA optimization tool. The model aims to bridge national and regional energy policies by providing a detailed analysis of the region’s energy structure. The presented results focus on the transport sector, highly impacting the urban environments within the Piedmont region (e.g., the city of Turin) and object of the energy policies due to its criticality for the region. Developed based on totally publicly available data, TEMOA-Piedmont offers a valuable tool for policymakers and stakeholders to step towards a sustainable energy future tailored to the Piedmont region’s needs.

Keywords Local Energy Systems, Open-Source Energy System Optimization Model, TEMOA, TEMOA-Piedmont, Low Carbon Scenario Analysis

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