Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

The Impact-increment State Enumeration Method Based Resilience Assessment Approach of Power System Under Windstorms Xiaonan Liu, Kai Hou, Hongjie Ji, Lewei Zhu, Dan Wang, Yunfei Mu, Xiaodan Yu, Zhe He



Overhead transmission line is an important part of power system, it is easy to be affected by natural disasters. In order to enhance the ability of power system to resist those disasters, the resilience assessment indices should be established to provide decision support for power grid dispatchers and operators in advance, which has become one of the economical and efficient technical routes to improve the power system resistance ability. In this paper, windstorm is taken as an example, the wind speed related fragility model of overhead transmission line and impact-increment state enumeration method based resilience indices are proposed. The resilience indices are proposed form the perspective of system and component respectively. The system resilience indices can reflect the resilience from a holistic perspective and the component resilience indices are expected to determine the weak points of the whole system. The system resilience and weak points of the IEEE RTS-79 system are analyzed under one certain windstorm and the numerical results verify the effectiveness of the proposed resilience assessment indices.

Keywords windstorm, wind speed related fragility model, impact-increment state enumeration method, system resilience indices, component resilience indices

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