Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

The Impact of Black Start on Economic Recovery After Disaster: a Case Study of the Power System Collapse in Hainan Province Yue Wang, Pengfei Zhang, Wenqiu Cai, Zhujun Chen, Linxiao Dong, Wendong Wei, Yang Zhou



With the development of urbanization and industrialization, the dependence on the power system has gradually increased. It is of great significance to discuss the recovery scenario after the power system collapses. Taking the black start event of Hainan Province caused by the typhoon Damrey in 2005 as an example, this study calculates the indirect economic loss of local sectors caused by the black start using the inoperability input-output model and calculates the indirect economic loss under the scenario without the black start based on the assumptions. Through the comparison of these two scenarios, this study analyzes the impact of the black start on post-disaster economic recovery. The results show that the local power load has a rapid growth after the black start, and correspondingly, the daily indirect economic loss drops significantly. The secondary industry sectors suffer relatively larger indirect economic losses, while the primary and tertiary industry sectors are less affected. The black start scenario shows significant advantages

Keywords Hainan, black-start, inoperability input-output model, indirect economic losses

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