Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

The Influence of Salt Ions on the Bound Water in the Montmorillonite Yuan‐Qing Tao,Ke‐Feng Yan, Xiao‐Sen Li, Zhao‐Yang Chen, Yi‐Song Yu



The content of bound water in the montmorillonite soaked in NaCl solution is measured by thermogravimetric analysis. The variation of NaCl solution concentration and bound water content is discussed. The results show that the bound water content of the montmorillonite decreases with the increase of salt ion concentration. The experimental drying temperature and heating rate has little effect on the bound water content. It is concluded that ions have a great influence on the water content in porous media, which provides guidance for the research on the influence of ions on the formation of hydrate in porous media.

Keywords methane hydrate, porous media, montmorillonite, ion, bound water

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