Volume 25: Accelerated Energy Innovations and Emerging Technologies

The Optimization of Urea Injectors to Reduce the Nox Emission in Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Muhammad Khristamto Aditya Wardana, Ocktaeck Lim



The heavy-duty diesel engines have created effective method to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollutions with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system. This study deals with problems in the urea evaporation and decomposition process, the ammonia gas distribution in SCR system and ammonia pattern at inlet of catalyst. The test system used two types of urea injectors, an L-type and an I-type. The ammonia gas value was sampled at the catalyst inlet using a gas sensor. The results elucidate the saturation phenomena, ammonia distribution phenomena, and ammonia value from the two types of urea injectors. The study of effect urea injector was shown at the catalyst inlet by the different chemical mechanisms governing of ammonia concentration distribution in the SCR system.

Keywords Ammonia Value, Solid deposit, Evaporate, selective catalytic reduction, Heavy-duty diesel engine, Urea Water Solution (UWS)

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