Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

The Performance of A Low-Speed Direct-Drive Generator for Current Energy Po-Yu Chen, Kung-Yen Lee, Jia-Han Li, Forng-Chen Chiu, Jing-Fa Tsai



The simulation and experiment of two 400 W low-speed direct-drive permanent magnet synchronous generators (PMSGs) installed in a Floating Kuroshio Turbine (FKT) was implemented. We used ANSYS Maxwell design tool to design the 400 W low-speed direct-drive PMSG and simulate the interior magnetic field at different conditions. The test of FKT was carried out in the towing tank in National Taiwan University. The result shows generated power is more than 800 W in direct current (DC) at 1.5 m/s flow rate. The energy conversion efficiency of the PMSG measured from the testing platform is about 0.85. The power coefficient of FKT is about 0.4. It means FKT has high efficiency and stable power output.

Keywords direct-drive, Kuroshio current, permanent magnet synchronous generator, floating Kuroshio turbine

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