Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

The Relationship Between Coal Char Reactivity and Char Structure at Rapid Heating Condition by TG and Heating Stage-Microscopy Xiaoming Li , Mengjie Liu, Jin Bai, Lingxue Kong, Zongqing Bai, Chong He , and Wen Li



The coal char reactivity is usually evaluated in TG at a low heating rate under ex-situ conditions, which is far from the real condition in boiler and gasifier. In this work, the isothermal CO2 gasification reactivity of in-situ chars which were pyrolyzed under different heating rates and terminal temperatures was measured by a rapid TG apparatus. Furthermore, the char structural parameters were correlated with the reactivity index. Results showed that heating rate had little effect on the gasification reactivity of the in-situ char when it exceeded 50oC /min. The carbon crystalline structure related closely to the reactivity index. Simultaneously, the HTSM experiments demonstrated that the reaction rates were slightly higher compared with TG.

Keywords Heating Rate, In-Situ Char, Rapid TG Apparatus, Structural Parameters, Heating Stage Microscope

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