Volume 37: New Energy, New Ecology and New Environment

The Wind and Sand Mitigation Benefits of solar Photovoltaic development in Desertified Regions: An Overview Jinwei Bian, Ziyuan Sun, Saige Wang, Bin Chen



In the context of energy transformation and environmental governance, the development of the photovoltaic (PV) industry not only alleviates the conflict between energy using and environmental protection, but also provides wind and sand fixation services for the region. This paper firstly summarized the model of calculation on wind prevention and sand fixation service at home and abroad. Then we analyzed the modification and improvement of the Revised Wind Erosion Equation (RWEQ) model. In terms of the benefit accounting of wind prevention and sand fixation service in photovoltaic industry, this paper analyzed the research of experts in the field of ecosystem services evaluation, and summarized the research status and limitations of the benefit accounting related to wind prevention and sand fixation service in the photovoltaic industry. This paper provided recommendations on benefit accounting to improve the accuracy of ecosystem services assessments.

Keywords Ecosystem services; wind prevention and sand fixation service; RWEQ model; solar photovoltaic (PV)

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