Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Thermal Effect and Kinetic Analysis on Co-pyrolysis of Low-Rank Coal with Cellulose from Biomass Bo Zhang, Zhiqiang Wu, Chen Ma, Jie Zhang, Bolun Yang



The prospect of using biomass alone is broad, but there are a number of problems that make it difficult to achieve real profitability. In this paper, the thermal effects and reaction kinetics of cellulose and low-rank coal mixing at different mixing rates (25 wt%, 50 wt.% and 75 wt.%) and different heating rates (10 oC•min-1 , 20 oC•min-1 , 40 oC•min-1 ) were studied via thermogravimetric analyzer(TGA). The addition of low-rank coal can promote the formation of volatile substances in the copyrolysis process, and the degree of synergy is closely related to the heating rate and blending ratio. The kinetic results show that the average activation is 244.44 kJ•mol1 and 164.41 kJ•mol-1 when the low-rank coal blending ratio is 25% and 50%.

Keywords low-rank coal, cellulose, co-pyrolysis, thermal effect, kinetic analysis

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