Volume 13: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part II

Thermodynamic analysis of a combined absorption power and cooling cogeneration cycle Jianan Sun, Zeting Yu, Ruizhi Su, Chunyu Feng



This study proposes a novel ammonia-water power and cooling cogeneration system in which an extraction Rankine cycle is introduced to drive the absorption refrigeration cycle to produce cooling and power simultaneously. The system mathematical model is established and the thermodynamic analysis is carried out to investigate the influence of key thermodynamic design parameters on system performance. Under design conditions, the cooling and power output are calculated to be 78.17 kW and 104.56 kW, and the thermal efficiency and exergy efficiency are equal to 21.81% and 43.69%, respectively. The parameter analysis results show that as boiler temperature rises, the system total output increases significantly, but the exergy efficiency and the thermal efficiency exhibit no significant changes. The results also show that an increase of circulating high pressure will lead to a decrease of system total output, and thus the thermal efficiency and exergy efficiency are decreased.

Keywords Ammonia-water; Cycle coupling; Cogeneration system;

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