Volume 30: Urban Energy Systems towards Carbon Neutrality

Thermodynamic analysis of a compressed carbon dioxide energy storage system with a big flexible holder Xuewen Yan, Jialu Ding, Junfei Guo, Zhan Liu, Xiaohu Yang



The utilization of energy storage technology is beneficial to improve renewable energy penetration. A novel compressed carbon dioxide energy storage system is proposed in this paper. A flexible gas holder is applied to store low pressure carbon dioxide in gaseous state. Detailed mathematic model of the novel compressed carbon dioxide energy storage system is established. To investigate the influence of key parameters on system
performance, the parametric analysis is conducted. Results indicate that higher energy storage pressure has a positive effect on increasing system round trip efficiency within certain ranges. Higher isentropic compressor efficiency and turbine efficiency are beneficial to improve the system round trip efficiency. Lower energy storage pressure and higher isentropic efficiency of compressors are effective to reduce input power.

Keywords compressed carbon dioxide energy storage, gas holder, thermodynamic analysis

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