Volume 23: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part VI

Thermodynamic Analysis of a novel Chemical Recuperative Power Plant based on Supercritical Water Coal Gasification Xiaodong Xue, Changchun Liu, Wei Han, Zefeng Wang



Clean and efficient coal utilization technology becomes increasing attention. Supercritical water coal gasification technology has the advantages of low gasification temperature and clean production. In this paper, a novel integrated system of supercritical water coal gasification and power generation is proposed. The innovation of the proposed system is to use the high-temperature flue gas of gas turbine to provide heat for the supercritical water coal gasification process instead of oxidation of coal. The results show that the net power generation efficiency of the proposed system is 53.80% and the exergy efficiency is 52.53%, which are approximately 4.90 and 4.78 percentage points higher than that of the reference system, respectively. Finally, the chemical energy and heat of syngas is converted to power through comprehensive cascade utilization. This work provides a quite promising approach for the clean and highly efficient coal utilization.

Keywords Supercritical water coal gasification, Power generation, Cascade utilization, Energy level

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