Volume 16: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part V

Thermodynamic Analysis of a Novel Liquid Carbon Dioxide Energy Storage System With Low Pressure Storage and Cold Recuperator Xu Liu, Xuqing Yang, Zhan Liu, Xiaohu Yang



It is an effective way to expand the scale of renewable energy utilization by combining energy storage technology with renewable energy. In this paper, a novel energy storage technology based on liquid carbon dioxide storage, low pressure storage and latent cold energy storage is proposed. The main work of this paper is to establish the thermodynamic model of the system, and investigate the influence of key parameters on the performance of the system through parameter analysis. The analysis results show that in a certain range, there are optimal R4419, R129, R2118 and R3836 respectively to make round trip efficiency reach the maximum value. Increasing R129 and R2118 can improve the energy density of the system.

Keywords carbon dioxide energy storage, low pressure storage, latent cold energy storage, thermodynamic study

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