Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Thermodynamic Analysis of a Polygeneration System Based on Coal-steam Gasification Technology with Thermochemical Regenative Process Song He, Sheng Li, Lin Gao



Polygeneration technology is an important way to realize clean and efficient coal utilization. Coal-steam gasification technology with thermochemical regenerative process is effective to enhance cold gas efficiency of coal gasification. In this paper, a novel methanol-electricity polygeneration system based on coal-steam gasification is proposed. In this novel polygeneration system, the component adjustment is cancelled and unreacted syngas partially recycled is adopted. The Aspen Plus software is selected to simulate the polygeneration systems. As a result, the energy efficiency of the novel polygeneration system based on coal-steam gasification is 53.5% when chemical to power output ratio is 1.1, while energy efficiency of polygeneration system based on traditional gasification is 47.3%. Furthermore, the energy saving effects of system integration method and gasification process improvement are distinguished.

Keywords coal-steam gasification, polygeneration system, coal utilization,thermochemical regenerative

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