Volume 7: Urban Energy Systems: Building, Transport, Environment, Industry, and Integration

Thermodynamic Analysis of an Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) System for Cogeneration of Power and Cooling on the Base of Volatile Fluid Longxiang Chen, Meina Xie, Fengxiang Wang*



In our previous work, a novel isobaric adiabatic compressed air energy storage (IA-CAES) system has been proposed on the base of volatile fluid, while large amount of waste heat should be employed to offer the energy required in the evaporation, which may restrict its applications. In this work, a novel adiabatic compressed air energy storage (A-CAES) system is proposed which is also based on the volatile fluid while without using waste heat. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is selected as the volatile fluid. The stead-state mathematical model and thermodynamic laws are employed to evaluate proposed system. The calculation results show that our proposed A-CAES system has the same round trip efficiency (RTE) with conventional one, while more than 30% additional cooling energy can be obtained and the total exergy efficiency (TEE) improves more than 2%. For a given total power generation (4 MWh), the total volume of air storage unit in proposed A-CAES is only accounts for 60.97% of that in conventional A-CAES.

Keywords Adiabatic Compressed air energy storage, Cogeneration, Carbon dioxide, Volatile fluid, Thermodynamic analysis

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