Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Thermodynamic Analysis of Pumped Thermal Electricity Storage Integrated with Organic Rankine Cycle During Charging Process Xiaonan Yu, Zhi Li, Yiji Lu, Rui Huang, Xiaoli Yu, Anthony Paul Roskilly



This paper proposed a new configuration of heat recovery cycle integrating PTES with ORC. A thermodynamic model was built to study the charging process of PTES. A parametric analysis has been conducted to evaluate the performance of the charging process. This paper defined the efficiency of the charging process of PTES with/without ORC. The isentropic efficiency of compressor/expander, the pressure ratio, and the designed temperature have been chosen to analyze the performance of the charging process. The proposed solution can be potentially used to improve the round-trip efficiency of PTES.

Keywords Pumped thermal electricity storage, Organic Rankine cycle, Performance analysis, Heat recovery

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