Volume 7: Urban Energy Systems: Building, Transport, Environment, Industry, and Integration

Thermodynamic and Mechanism Analyses of Combined Heat and Power Plant With High Back-Pressure Turbine Integrated With the Steam Jet Pump Youjun Zhang, Zhihua Ge*, Nian Xiong, Shifei Zhao, Fuxiang Zhang, Lei Xu 



To recover the excess exhaust steam heat of the combined heat and power plant with high back‐pressure turbine (CHP‐HBP), a novel system integrated with the steam jet pump (SJP) was proposed in this study. Compared with the conventional system, the novel system remains the same power output and all the exhaust steam can be used for district heating (DH), leading to an improvement of the maximum heat capacity by 36.78MW. Meanwhile, the total exergy loss and standard coal consumption rate of the novel system are reduced by 3MW and 7.32 g/kWh, respectively. And the novel system also has better adaptability to the change of supply/return water temperatures.

Keywords CHP‐HBP, heating system, thermodynamic analysis, waste heat utilization

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