Volume 32: A Sustainable, Clean and Carbon-free Energy Future

Thermodynamic investigation on the performance difference between heat supply method of calcium looping for CO2 capture Lifan Gao, Song He, Dongtai Yang, Xuelan Zeng



Calcium looping process (CaL) is a promising alternative for realizing low-energy-penalty of post-combustion technologies. This study investigates the CO2 enrichment difference of three types of calcium looping heating supply methods: calcium looping combustion (CaLC), oxy-fuel combustion (CaL-Oxy), and Cu-based chemical looping combustion (CaL-CLC). and the three calcium looping processes are integrated with power plant to evaluate the energy efficiency and energy penalty of the power plants with CO2 capture based on these calcium processes. The results show that the CaL-CLC has the highest energy efficiency (39.4%) and the lowest energy penalty (3.46%), which indicates that reducing the gas separation cost plays important role caused by CO2 enrichment in the heat supplying method of calcium looping process.

Keywords post-combustion CO2 capture, calcium looping, energy penalty, carbon enrichment

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