Volume 39: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part II

Time-series evaluation of net energy potentials of solar power generation and electric vehicles in Japan Yutaro Akimoto, Keiichi Okajima, Shin-nosuke Suzuki



In order to introduce renewable energy and electric vehicles in a coordinated manner, the complementary relationship between them needs to be quantitatively identified and policies developed. Therefore, this study conducted a time-series evaluation based on electric vehicle demand, solar power potential, and electric vehicle potential in Japan. As a result, it was found that many municipalities can achieve more than 99% self-sufficiency in the maximum introduction case, however in urban areas, renewable energy and electric vehicles alone cannot achieve net-zero self-sufficiency. Furthermore, it was found to be affected by charging restrictions. It is importance of peak shifting by charging other types through non-automobile recharging.

Keywords PV, EV, charge and discharge, potential evaluation

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