Volume 32: A Sustainable, Clean and Carbon-free Energy Future

Towards Green Ammonia Synthesis through Reduction of NOx from the Combustion Process Gang Yang, Chenggong Sun, Xiang Luo, Tao Wu



Ammonia is a commonly used industrial chemical that is of great importance in the chemical and fertilizer production industries. It also attracts increasing attention as a green energy carrier. Haber-Bosch process is the predominant process to synthesis ammonia. However, as an energy intensive process, it can only have a low level of energy consumption when it is running on a large scale. Therefore, in this work, we present the ODSCRA process (a flue gas purification unit, a deaerator unit, a selective catalytic reduction reactor), and the NOx generated from the plasma technology can act as the alternative NOx source. ODSCAR can also decentralize the manufacture of ammonium nitrate fertilizers, making it particularly appealing for small- and medium-scale decentralized ammonia synthesis.

Keywords Ammonia synthesis, Nitric oxides, NOx emissions, SCR

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