Volume 26: Closing Carbon Cycles – A Transformation Process Involving Technology, Economy, and Society: Part I

Towards zero-carbon emission cogeneration through hydrogen fueling: Assessment of the impact of CH4/H2 blends on the thermodynamic performance of a gas turbine CHP unit Maria Jose Mendoza Morales, Julien Blondeau, Ward De Paepe



To attain a zero-carbon emissions energy system, we need dispatchable and flexible power production means that can respond to the variability of wind and solar. Hydrogen-fired gas turbines could have a place to fit this demand, but research and development are needed to assess the impact of the fuel change on the systems. This study focuses on a cogeneration unit composed of an aero-derivative industrial gas turbine within a range of 25-35MWe and an HRSG to generate steam for heat and industrial purposes. Setting aside existing challenges for hydrogen-fired gas turbines, we have found that hydrogen has a slightly positive impact on the thermodynamic performance of the considered system. The gas turbine cycle’s efficiency and net output power increase by about 2.69% and 4.84% respectively with the H2 ratio, while the heat utilization factor for the whole system does not show significant improvements.

Keywords hydrogen, gas turbines, thermodynamic performances, combined heat and power, energy systems

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