Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Transforming the Supply Chain of the Electronic Industry for Urban Sustainability: An Analysis of the Innovation System of Smart Cities in the Greater Bay Area in China Masaru Yarime



In addressing the challenge of climate change, smart cities are expected to play an important role in introducing renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency while maintaining resilience against natural disasters as well as socio-economic disruptions. In this paper, we examine the innovation system of smart cities in the Greater Bay Area, with a particular attention to knowledge and technological domains, actors and their networks, and institutions surrounding the actors. The innovation system of smart cities in GBA in China mainly concerns health and medical care, transportation, logistics, agriculture, surveillance, and public safety and shows a disintegrated structure of functions provided by companies in the electric and electronic industry.

Keywords Innovation System, Smart City, Urban Sustainability, Electronic Industry, Greater Bay Area, China

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