Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Transmission Power Management in Power-Split Hybrid Electric Vehicle Using Response Surface Method and Data Driven Design Synthesis Sourabh Mandol, Pranab K Dan, Manoj Kumar Mondal



This article aims to model the transmission architecture of a planetary power split Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) to improve fuel efficiency as well as to reduce emission, conforming sustainable design. The model is developed using model based equations, retrieved from literature and Design of Experiment with response surface solution mode. Development of power management strategy for the above, utilizing associated mathematical modeling of the proposed gearset topology guided transmission architecture is disseminated in this work. Design solution for suitable gearset topology is derived by utilizing response surface method and genetic algorithm. The result shows that connection between planetary gear stages, amongst considered variables, holds highest significance and also helps to infer that most suitable configuration is to couple the engine with the second planet carrier for a two-stage power split device. The modelling-based result depicts successful implementation of two stage planetary gear train as power split device with fossil fuel consumption reduction of 49.16%, maximizing electric power utilization for greener transportation.

Keywords Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Model Based Equations, Mathematical Modelling and Estimation

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