Volume 9: Sustainable Energy Solutions for Changing the World: Part I

Transmission System Operator-Distribution System Operator coordination for integrated flexibility market Tao Jiang, Zhongwei Shen, Xiaolong Jin*, Xue Li, Rufeng Zhang, Houhe Chen



With high penetration of distributed generations (DGs), distribution networks are becoming more and more â ‘active’. Active distribution networks (ADNs) provide the opportunity of providing flexibility for the transmission system operator (TSO) through a flexibility trading platform. To provide such a trading platform, a TSO-DSO coordinated flexibility market is proposed in this paper. To clear the market while protecting the privacy of TSO and DSO, an ADMM-based market clearing solution is proposed. Case studies are conducted on the testing system of the IEEE 30-bus transmission network with two 33-node ADNs. Numerical studies demonstrate the proposed flexibility market framework can reduce the total flexibility cost of the TSO. Besides, the economic benefits of ADNs can also be improved.

Keywords ADMM, distributed energy resources, flexibility market, TSO-DSO coordination

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