Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Two-layer Optimal Scheduling of AC/DC Hybrid Microgrid with PET Shiqi Guo1, Yunfei Mu, Wei Lin, Hongjie Jia, Tianjiao Pu, Xiaodong Yuan



In this paper, an AC/DC hybrid microgrid with PET is firstly modeled, and then a two-layer optimization model is established with the objective of minimizing the operating cost of AC/DC hybrid microgrid. Finally, the above two-layer optimization model is converted to a single-layer optimization model through KKT method for solving. According to the analysis of the case, the scheduling method based on two-layer optimization considers the cost of purchasing the PET in the upper layer and the operating cost of the different microgrids in the lower layer, and realizes the flexible scheduling between the main grid and microgrids through PET. Compared with the AC/DC hybrid microgrid with AC/DC converter, the hybrid microgrid with PET has flexible power regulation characteristics, and has advantages in reducing operating costs, fully absorbing and efficiently utilizing the renewable energy.

Keywords power electronic transformer, AC/DC hybrid microgrid, distributed energy resources, double-layer optimal scheduling

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