Volume 2: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part I

Wet Working Fluids for Regenerative Orc with Varying Heat Source Temperature Youcef Abdellah Ayoub Laouid, Cheikh Kezrane, Yahia Lasbet, Lars O. Nord



In the current work, the analysis of regenerative organic Rankine cycle (ORC) using wet fluids is performed. For the purpose to convert waste energy to useful work from three different heat sources, eleven wet organic fluids were selected divided into three groups according to their critical temperatures ranging from 66°C to 132°C. Results show that the working fluids with the lowest critical temperature to heat source inlet temperature ratio will generate the maximal net power output, namely R125, R1270 and R152a. Superheating affects the system performance negatively, since the net power output decreases as the superheat increases.

Keywords Organic Rankine cycle, wet fluid, regenerative, waste heat recovery

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