Volume 21: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part IV

Zero-Dimensional Kinetic Model for Biomass Gasification Suitable for Both Fixed and Fluidized Bed Reactors Daniele Piazzullo, Michela Costa



A zero-dimensional (0D) kinetic model for biomass gasification is here presented for the estimation of the resulting syngas composition and chemical properties. It is based on the description of the surface reactions kinetics taking place in the char reduction area. This model is enriched by an appropriate kinetics for the prediction of the TAR moles in the synthesis gas and by an energy balance equation between reactant species and products to predict the gasification temperature. Although it has been first developed for fixed bed downdraft reactors, it has also been validated for fluid bed reactors after an appropriate calibration of the residence time. The model well reproduces the measured trends, with an overall error lower than 12%.

Keywords Gasification, Numerical Modelling, Fixed Bed, Fluidized Bed, Kinetics

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