Volume 6: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part V

5 Years of CO2 Waterless Fracturing in Jilin Oilfield – What We Have Learned Qinghai Yang*, Siwei Meng, Tao Fu, Ming Li, Shi Chen



Since the first pilot test of CO2 waterless fracturing in 2014, a complete system, including equipment, operation and liquid, has been formed. Twenty-three field tests proved the functions of CO2 waterless fracturing on reservoir energy storage, artificial fracture network and mixed-phase production increase. The effects lead to great water saving and CO2 storage. A unit volume of CO2 has the equivalent effect with 2.4 unit volumes of water-based fracturing liquid on oil production. The final storage rate of CO2 is 76.46%, 30% higher than that of CO2-EOR technology.

Keywords CO2 waterless fracturing, CO2 storage, water consumption reduction, EOR

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