Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

Based on Citespace’s 1998-2018 Energy Economic Research Track and Future Forecast LI Zhu, Junrong Ma, Yong Sun



There is a unity of opposites between energy and economy. In order to comprehensively consider the relationship of energy economy, this paper is based on the literature visualization analysis software CITESPACE for co-citation analysis, co-word analysis, cluster analysis, etc. The material of its operation is 2964 articles on energy economic research included in the core of web of science. (From 1998 to 2018) The results show that the results of energy economic research have risen sharply since 2015, and technology and energy are the core of the energy economy; Long-term concerns such as “sustainability”, “innovation”, “efficiency”, “climate change”, “carbon dioxide emissions” and “economic growth” need to be further implemented;Development paths such as “turning”, “replacement”, “co-integration”, “renewable energy” and “elasticity” will continue to be research hotspots; In the process of analyzing the energy economy, tools such as “cge model”,” penal data”, and “data envelopment analysis” will continue to be hot topics in the study of energy economic equilibrium.

Keywords Energy economy, research hotspot, CITESPACE, Forecast

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