Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

A 2D-Filter for Battery Incremental Capacity Curve Extraction Xiaopeng Tang, Jingyi LU, Ke Yao, Zhou LV, Furong Gao



A 2D filter is proposed for battery incremental capacity curve filtering in a cyclic aging test. The filter works in two directions, namely, from time to time and from batch (cycle) to batch. In details, a simple low-pass filter is applied in the batch direction, and a bias-corrected Gaussian filter is applied in the time direction. Experimental results show that the root-meansquare-error of the proposed method is 20% lower than the neural-network-based benchmarking algorithm. Over-fitting and under-fitting could also be resolved.

Keywords 2D filter, incremental capacity analysis (ICA), Gaussian filter

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