Volume 32: A Sustainable, Clean and Carbon-free Energy Future

A New Distributed Energy System Coupled With Solar Thermochemistry and Wind power generation Junnan Zhan, Taixiu Liu, Qibin Liu



A new solar-wind-fuel complementary distributed energy system (DES) is proposed, which is integrated with solar-fuel thermochemical conversion for efficient utilization of solar and wind energy. To address the source-load mismatch caused by intermittent and unstable solar and wind energy, a new multi-energy system consisting of solar, wind and fuel is proposed to maintain the energy supply, with the consideration of the characteristics of day-night and seasonal complementation of solar and wind energy. Through solar-driven methanol decomposition, solar energy is upgraded to high-quality chemical energy in the form of syngas for storage. The results show that the new DES can promote the integrated use of wind and solar energy, increase the proportion of renewable energy in the system and reduce CO2 emissions. Compared to conventional power grid and fuel direct combustion, the new DES achieves a 42.12% reduction in CO2 emission.

Keywords Solar thermochemistry, Carbon reduction, Solar-wind hybrid, Distributed energy system, System integration

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