Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

A Receding Horizon Eco-Driving Strategy for Electric Vehicles Considering Traffic Flow and Signal Information Lijun Zhang*, Xianming Ye, Farshad Barzegar, Xiaohua Xia



A real-time eco-driving strategy for electric vehicles is presented with the objectives of minimizing the travel time and energy consumption. The strategy is developed following a receding horizon approach such that it can take real-time traffic flow information in terms of speed limits into account when planning the vehicle’s speed profile. The problem is tackled by dividing it into two subproblems, a travel time minimization problem and an energy consumption minimization problem. Analytic solutions to the travel time minimization problem is provided to facilitate real-time application. Simulation is done over a 10 km road to demonstrate the strategy’s effectiveness.

Keywords Eco-driving, speed advisory, receding horizon optimization, electric vehicles, traffic flow, traffic signal

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