Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

A Study on the Behaviors of Internal Short Circuit in Lithium-Ion Batteries Lishuo Liu, Xuning Feng, Dongxu Guo, Xuebing Han, Mingxuan Zhang, Languang Lu, Xiangming He, Minggao Ouyang



Internal short circuit (ISC) plays an important role in lithium-ion battery safety accidents. However, the mechanism of how ISC triggers thermal runaway is still unclear yet. We implant the shape memory alloy device into jelly-roll to trigger ISC and analyze the thermal and electrical behaviors under different ISC types and SOC variance conditions. The ISC resistance is identified by using the no-salt battery based on the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy tests. The proposed resistance identification method benefits further ISC mechanism and modelling research.

Keywords lithium-ion battery, internal short circuit, safety, energy storage

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