Volume 41: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part IV

A Whole Process Control Strategy of Free-piston Linear generator Yidi Wei, Zhengxing Zuo, Jiayu Wang, Boru Jia, Huihua Feng, Zhiyuan Zhang



Free-piston linear generator has become one of the new forms of energy conversion devices in the future due to its compact structure, multi-fuel adaptability, and easy modular arrangement. Based on system dynamics, thermodynamics and electromagnetism, this paper proposes the whole working process control structure of the free-piston linear generator, including the top control/monitor layer, the process control strategy layer and bottom actuator control layer, and carried out the control strategy of the system starting process, regulating process and stable generating process. In order to achieve the starting requirements, a muti-objective global optimization strategy based on neural network is established. Aiming at the problem of misfire during stable operation, a fast online identification and treatment based on motion characteristics-cylinder pressure is proposed, and the generator control strategy is changed to enable the system to quickly stabilize. In view of the above strategies, the simulation platform of the system is proposed, to verify the feasibility of each process control strategy of the system.

Keywords free-piston linear generator, whole working process control structure, starting multi-objective optimization, two-stage rectification strategy, misfire monitoring

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