Volume 8: Advances in Energy Innovation and Development

Advanced Drilling Technologies to Improve the Economics of Deep Geo-Resource Utilization Edoardo Rossi, Benjamin M. Adams, Daniel Vogler, Philipp Rudolf von Rohr, Benedikt Kammermann, Martin O. Saar



Access to deep energy resources (geothermal energy, hydrocarbons) from deep reservoirs will play a fundamental role over the next decades. However, drilling of deep wells to extract deep geo-resources is extremely expensive. As a fact, drilling deep wells into hard, crystalline rocks represents a major challenge for conventional rotary drilling systems, featuring high rates of drill bit wear and requiring frequent drill bit replacements, low penetration rates and poor process efficiency. Therefore, with the aim of improving the overall economics to access deep geo-resources in hard rocks, in this work, we focus on two novel drilling methods, namely: the Combined Thermo-Mechanical Drilling (CTMD) and the Plasma-Pulse Geo-Drilling (PPGD) technologies. The goal of this research and development project is the effective reduction of the costs of drilling in general and particularly regarding accessing and using deep geothermal energy, oil or gas resources. In this work, we present these two novel drilling technologies and focus on evaluating the process efficiency and the drilling performance of these methods, compared to conventional rotary drilling.

Keywords Deep energy resources, Geothermal energy, Project costs, Novel technologies, Drilling performance

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