Volume 3: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part II

An Adaptive Capacity Estimation Method Based on Incremental Capacity Analysis for Lithium-ion Batteries Bo Jiang, Haifeng Dai, Xuezhe Wei, Jingan Chen



Accurate capacity estimation is of vital importance for lithium-ion battery management. In this paper, an adaptive battery capacity estimation method based on incremental capacity analysis (ICA) is proposed. First of all, the second-order central least squares method is employed to smooth the charging data and obtain the incremental capacity (IC) curve. Then some battery experiments, including the complete charging and partial charging, are designed and conducted. For the complete charging, the relationship between the features of IC curves and battery capacity fading is investigated. For the limitation of ICA on partial charging, the correction method considering the charging initial SOC and battery aging status is proposed. Finally, the algorithm framework of the adaptive capacity estimation based on ICA is put forward.

Keywords capacity estimation, ICA, lithium-ion battery, partial charging, central least squares

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