Volume 05: Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Applied Energy, Part 4, Sweden, 2019

Analysis of Optimal Humidification Characteristics about PEMFC Jianhui Zhang, Junming Hu, Liangfei Xu, Jianqiu Li, Zunyan Hu, Yongzhan Wang, Minggao Ouyang


Based on the one-dimensional water transfer model and the lumped parameter model of fuel cell, the relationship between the steady-state output voltage of the fuel cell and the one-dimensional steady-state distribution of multi-state water is constructed in this paper. The optimal humidification strategy of the fuel cell is proposed, which guides the control of the relative humidity of the fuel cell anode and the relative humidity of the cathode and avoids the flooding and dehydration phenomenon inside the fuel cell and realizes the maximize output voltage of the fuel cell.

Keywords Fuel cell, Humidification, Strategy

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