Volume 44: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part VII

Building Energy Consumption Prediction Model for Edge Effects in the Case of High-Rise Buildings Jiayi Sun, Sui Li , Yixin Dong , Kaiyi Hou



Under the background of carbon neutrality, the energy-saving design of high-rise buildings has received widespread attention. And the differences in energy consumption in various parts of high-rise buildings have become an obstacle to energy-saving design. The edge effects is one of the main causes of the differences in energy consumption. The existing research lacks accurate quantitative assessment of edge effects, making it is difficult to guide the energy-saving design of high-rise buildings. Therefore, a modeling method for studying the distribution of building energy consumption is proposed, the edge effects energy consumption prediction model of building space is established by parametric technology, and CFD and energy simulation technology are used to carry out experiments. We conduct in-depth discussions on the influence areas of edge effects on different heights of plate and tower high-rise buildings, as well as the impact intensity of edge effects on energy consumption. In addition, an optimization strategy to reduce the impact of edge effects on the energy consumption of high-rise buildings is proposed.

Keywords high-rise buildings, edge effects, computational fluid dynamics, energy simulation

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