Volume 4: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part III

Characteristics of Methane Reforming With High Temperature Dolomite YR Wang, J Ding, JF Lu



In industrial production, a large amount of high temperature waste of dolomite is generated, and it can act as heat source and produce carbon dioxide. Methane reforming is one of typical chemical energy storage reaction to obtain syngas, and it can use heat source and carbon dioxide from high temperature dolomite. In this paper, catalytic activity and methane conversion of methane reforming with high temperature dolomite were studied, and the influence of temperature and inlet reactant flow rate was further analyzed. When bed temperature rose from 950o C to 1150o C, methane conversion can increase to as high as 52%, while it decreased with reactant flow rate increasing. According to Arrhenius empirical formula, the activation energy of methane reforming with high temperature dolomite is obtained as 99.1 kJ•mol-1 .

Keywords waste heat, methane reforming with carbon dioxide, chemical energy storage

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