Volume 22: Sustainable Energy Solutions for a Post-COVID Recovery towards a Better Future: Part V

Clamping-Force Control of a Sensor-less Electro-Mechanical Brake Actuator in New-Energy Vehicles Zhuang Xu, Chris Gerada



The explosive growth of New-Energy Vehicles (NEV) worldwide, combined with heated development in autonomous driving industries, has introduced a new demand for more controllable and reliable vehicle braking systems. Nowadays, the electro-mechanical brake (EMB) system is replacing the hydraulic or pneumatic ones, with lower mechanical complexity, high reliability, better individual wheel control and lower service and operating costs. This paper is focused on achieving accurate clamping force control of a force sensor-less electro-mechanical braking system, with the major technical objectives being: to analyze existing clamping force control methods for sensor-less EMB systems, to achieve clamping force estimation for sensor-less EMB systems, and to experimentally verify that the developed clamping force control strategy is accurate and well controlled.

Keywords Force estimation, electromechanical brake, motor drives

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