Volume 5: Innovative Solutions for Energy Transitions: Part IV

Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment Method of Shipboard Power System Mei Dan, Hu Bai-qing,Ye Zhi-hao



Aiming at the demand of comprehensive vulnerability assessment in shipboard power system security defense, the paper proposed a vulnerability status description model of shipboard power system. The structure and physical properties of shipboard power network were fully analyzed. The product space which was called shipboard power network comprehensive vulnerability index set was established by degrees, betweenness, maximum connection sub-diagram scale, reliability indexes. Secondly, the normalized index sets were compactness and thepnormon the compactness sets were continuous were proved in this paper. The norm of vulnerability index was vulnerability output equation of shipboard power system. Using the norm on the product space, multi-scale integrated shipboard power network vulnerability norm was proposed, and the comprehensive structure performance evaluation of the shipboard power system network was formed. The index describes the change tendency of the shipboard power network comprehensive vulnerability. Finally, the test on a certain type of shipboard power network demonstrates the validity of the model.

Keywords shipboard power system, transfer equation, output equation, comprehensive vulnerability, product space, norm.

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