Volume 13: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Systems: Part II

Contingency Management in Integrated Electricity and Gas Systems Considering Gas Flow Dynamics Xueyong Tang, Sheng Wang, Bin Sun, Qingsheng Li, Yi Ding



The growing capacity of gas-fired generating units has intensified the interaction between the electricity and gas systems. Though a more flexible operation can be achieved by integration, it also raises a serious issue on managing contingencies when some of the components in the integrated electricity and gas systems (IEGS) fail during the operation. This paper proposes a contingency management scheme in the IEGS considering the influence of the gas flow dynamics. Firstly, the partial derivative equations which describe the continuity and motion of gas flow are discretized using the finite-difference scheme. A second-order cone reformulation of the discretized equations is then proposed. Moreover, the optimal load shedding problem during the contingency state of the IEGS is formulated and then solved. Finally, 24-bus IEEE Reliability Test System and Belgium natural gas transmission system are used to validate the proposed technique.

Keywords integrated electricity and gas systems, contingency management, optimal load shedding, gas flow dynamics

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