Volume 38: Energy Transitions toward Carbon Neutrality: Part I

Decentralized cooperative power dispatch based on the coupling of MAPPO and digital twin for BIPV cluster with ESS Yuxin Liu, Han Zhu, Zhuohui Zhang, Zhengrong Li, Bin He



Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) with Energy Storage Systems (ESS) enables buildings to play a crucial role in on-site PV consumption. However, due to the uncontrollability of PV, buildings often struggle to fully utilize it in real time. This paper proposes a decentralized cooperative power dispatch approach based on multi-agent proximal policy optimization (MAPPO) for cluster consisting of multiple BIPV with ESS. To acquire reliable strategies, a digital twin (DT) is employed as a sample and training environment for MAPPO to minimize cumulative grid power replenishment. An example of a small-scale building cluster is used to demonstrate the coupling of MAPPO and DT. The decentralized dispatch strategy is obtained with a one-hour time step. Verification results indicate a 9.85 MWh boost in PV self-absorption compared to a self-generating self-using strategy. Leveraging DT opens up further possibilities for applying MAPPO to power dispatch challenges.

Keywords Multi-agent Proximal Policy Optimization, renewable energy, digital twin, decentralized dispatch, building integrated photovoltaics

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